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Success  《成功》
Success  《成功》
Success  《成功》
Success  《成功》
Success  《成功》

Success 《成功》

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- How can I properly face my boss’s expectations, my colleague’s misunderstandings, or the noncooperation of the people I’m managing?
- How do I properly treat the promotion or transfer of my colleague?
- How can I maintain passion for my job under so much stress?

This book addresses the most common issues faced at work, helping you re-examine your work environment, establish the right attitude, and form positive and effective work habits.

About the "Hope for the Heart" Series
This outline-format resource gives definitions, characteristics, causes and steps to solutions for real-life topics and reinforces the importance of Christ-centered living.
1. Definition: helps you look at the problem in God’s way.
2. Characteristic: provides Biblical focus and facilitates change.
3. Causes: explains the symptom and cause.
4. Solution: works out steps to get rid of bondage and build godly character.