Love  《相爱》
Love  《相爱》
Love  《相爱》
Love  《相爱》
Love  《相爱》
Love  《相爱》

Love 《相爱》

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- Why must I wait for true love?
- Who is my soul mate?
- How can I mend brokenness in my family?

Our family is our safe haven, our shelter from the storm. This book not only talks about waiting for true love, it also tells you how to build a happy family and how to raise healthy children.

About the "Hope for the Heart" Series
This outline-format resource gives definitions, characteristics, causes and steps to solutions for real-life topics and reinforces the importance of Christ-centered living.
1. Definition: helps you look at the problem in God’s way.
2. Characteristic: provides Biblical focus and facilitates change.
3. Causes: explains the symptom and cause.
4. Solution: works out steps to get rid of bondage and build godly character.