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Harmony  《和谐》
Harmony  《和谐》
Harmony  《和谐》
Harmony  《和谐》
Harmony  《和谐》

Harmony 《和谐》

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- How do you positively address interpersonal conflicts?
- How can we forgive those who have sinned against us?
- How can we reestablish genuine relationships with others?

This book teaches you 12 specific interpersonal communication methods to help you improve your relationships with your spouse, children, parents, neighbors and friends, and to help you create a more harmonious living environment and neighborhood.

About the "Hope for the Heart" Series
This outline-format resource gives definitions, characteristics, causes and steps to solutions for real-life topics and reinforces the importance of Christ-centered living.
1. Definition: helps you look at the problem in God’s way.
2. Characteristic: provides Biblical focus and facilitates change.
3. Causes: explains the symptom and cause.
4. Solution: works out steps to get rid of bondage and build godly character.